Client Background:


Client Representative: Michael Krigsman


Client Challenges:

CXOTalk approached Infomax seeking assistance with their existing website built on Drupal. Despite its functionality, the website encountered numerous issues stemming from poorly managed code, insufficient documentation, and a convoluted admin interface. Additionally, the site suffered from performance and security concerns, coupled with ongoing maintenance costs and an expensive quote for upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7.

Infomax Solution:

Leveraging their expertise, Infomax proposed building a new website on Craft CMS platform and migrating the website content from old platform Drupal to Craft CMS. Infomax assured that the new website build will solve all problems, and offer a more robust and manageable solution while the content migration will happen without any loss of data and SEO values.

Challenges Faced:

  • Vast Content Migration:
    Migrating over 500 pages while ensuring ongoing addition of 2 to 3 pages weekly.
  • Staff Training:
    Admin staff's unfamiliarity with Craft CMS necessitated comprehensive training to ensure smooth operations.
  • Custom CMS Development:
    A custom CMS was developed, boasting around 20 reusable components. These components provided the client with a high degree of flexibility while maintaining consistency with the website's style and theme, ensuring scalability.
  • SEO Preservation:
    Ensuring seamless migration of meta information to retain SEO benefits.


  • Information Gathering:
    Comprehensive analysis of existing content structure and a redesigned sitemap proposal to enhance user experience.
  • Content Migration Strategy:
    Planning and execution of a content migration strategy to seamlessly transition existing and new content.
  • UI/UX Solution:
    Infomax provided end-to-end UI/UX solutions, starting from wireframes to high-fidelity designs, ensuring an intuitive and visually appealing website.
  • Development & Testing:
    Iterative development, regular demos, rigorous testing, and performance optimization.
  • Collaboration:
    Working in tandem with the previous development team for data extraction from the old website.
  • External Resource Engagement:
    Collaboration with external resources for caching plugin integration and performance tuning.
  • Training & Support:
    Admin training sessions conducted for staff to ensure proficient usage without disrupting website functionality.

Success Achieved:

  • Successful Delivery:
    Infomax delivered a fully functional website that met CXOTalk's exact requirements, resolving existing issues.
  • Savings:
    Post-launch, CXOTalk experienced no further requirement for updates or maintenance, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Smooth Transition:
    Despite the vast content migration, the website transitioned seamlessly without compromising SEO or functionality.

Project Timeline:

The entire project, from initial contact to completion, spanned six months. This encompassed meticulous planning, execution, testing, collaboration with external resources, and staff training.


Infomax's expertise in migrating CXOTalk's website from Drupal to Craft CMS resulted in a seamless and successful transition. By addressing challenges related to content migration, staff training, and performance optimization, Infomax delivered a solution that not only met the client's expectations but also eliminated the need for ongoing maintenance, providing a robust and cost-effective website solution.